Georgia Tech & Georgia Conservancy Present Chattahoochee Corridor Studio

In May 2015, The Georgia Conservancy and Professor Richard Dagenhart presented the outcomes of the Georgia Tech School of Architecture Blueprints for Successful Communities Studio: The 53-mile Chattahoochee Corridor.  

With nearly 70 stakeholders in attendance at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Katherine Moore of The Georgia Conservancy, Professor Richard Dagenhart of Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture, and graduate students presented high level concepts and overarching themes for the 53-mile Chattahoochee River Corridor (from Peachtree Creek in the City of Atlanta south to Chattahoochee Bend State Park in Coweta County) developed during a three-month studio. From observation towers to trolley connections, the students offered ideas that are both far-reaching and achievable.  

“This 53-mile corridor has the opportunity to increase value  through the attraction and retention of businesses and residents – while providing more access to nature, Kettering said in an email. The river has historically been a divide. These plans illustrate how it can be a unifying attraction for the region.”

To learn more about the students’ big ideas, see coverage in Creative Loafing: Could the Chattahoochee River become Atlanta’s waterfront?