2017 Fall Fest @ Beecher Hills Elementary School

We had loads of fun hosting games and sharing treats with our little friends at Beecher Hills Elementary! 100 kids participated in our games which included a witch's hat ring toss, ghost pillow-case-race 'on the Hooch,' punch the pumpkin candy cups and decorate your pumpkin (tangerine). Beecher Hills Elementary is located adjacent to Utoy Creek, a PATH trail and an Atlanta Beltline spur in southwest Atlanta. Utoy Creek flows directly into the Chattahoochee River. Thank You Beecher Hills for inviting us to your annual fall fest! 

Fall Festival Flyer #2 2017.jpg
Program Manager Wanona Satcher setting up

Program Manager Wanona Satcher setting up

Special THANKS to

Board Member: Bruce Morton

Principal: Crystal Mayfield Jones

APS Media Specialist: Kristie Stargell

Volunteer: Kevin Hamak