Chattahoochee NOW collaborates with Ryan Gravel on Vision53

October 2015 was an exciting month for Chattahoochee NOW and our region becuase we kicked off our work with Ryan Gravel and his new firm, Sixpitch. Under Ryan’s direction, we set out to define a big, broad vision for the Chattahoochee Corridor – Vision53. We thank the Ray C. Anderson Foundation for the generous grant that allowed us to engage in this important work.


We began to organize immediately around overlapping themes like Ecology, History, Access, Connectivity, Economy, and Urban Development. From that, a framework emerged, helping us to structure thinking and organize ideas. Development of themes and ideas relied heavily on feedback obtained over the preceding 30 months by Chattahoochee NOW, built upon with research, fieldwork, analysis, and importantly, illustration.

Chattahoochee NOW and Sixpitch have also invited community leaders and partners to join us in vetting the initial framework and its core ideas, offering valuable inputs that will refine the final document into a clear, inclusive, and actionable vision for our river corridor.