Where the F*** is the River? SOLD OUT event launches Vision53!

Chattahoochee NOW’s Vision53 plan was unveiled on March 2nd by Ryan Gravel to a sold out crowd at Dad’s Garage Improv Theatre in O4W, Atlanta, GA. During the aptly named Where the F*** is the River? event, Ryan donned waders and walked the crowd through the history of river revitalization efforts nationally, culminating in the vision for the Chattahoochee Corridor.


The Chattahoochee riverfront doesn’t look like most of the world’s revitalizing waterways. So, too often we say Atlanta doesn’t have a river.

We do. It’s different. And in many ways, it’s better.

Yet, Atlanta’s Riverfront is Hidden.

To uncover the hidden opportunities of the 53-mile stretch of riverfront that lies downstream from Sandy Springs, we need to see our river differently, and we also need to get there. 

That is our Vision53, which we are kicking off with four objectives. Ultimately, we hope they lead our region toward investment in a new 5,000-acre “working park” along the river, encompassing a protected and interconnected network of farms, forests, new parks, and nature preserves.

4 strategic objectives:

20 new ways to reach the riverfront: discover your way to the riverfront        

20 new ways to have fun along the riverfront: discover your wild-side along the riverfront

20 new places to meet on the riverfront: discover your life on the riverfront

20 new stories for Atlanta’s riverfront: discover your city has a riverfront

THANK YOU to the Ray C. Anderson Foundation for their support – and to the over 250 attendees that joined the effort to support Chattahoochee NOW. We will discover our hidden riverfront together!

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